PPPoE Multi-WAN Loadbalance

  • Hello,
    I have three interfaces defined on the pfSense router with the configuration in the table below. The second and third interfaces have the same gateway.

    WAN Type ISP Gateway IP
    1 PPPoE ISP1 GW1 IP1
    2 PPPoE ISP2 GW2 IP2
    3 PPPoE ISP2 GW2 IP3

    This article mentions that PPPoE interfaces with the same gateway can be used together with load balancing. I was able to confirm this by putting number 2 and 3 in a gateway group and load balancing worked.

    However, i tried to put 1 and 2 in a gateway group but load balancing doesnt work. pfSense simply makes '1' as the default gateway and ignores the '2' interface. Is this configuration not supported?

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