Issue with site to site IPSEC between 2.4.4 p3 and 2.4.5 p1?

  • I have several IPSEC connections setup between my house, parents house, office, etc... All running 2.4.4 p3 with no issues. From A to B I can browse, move files or access the other pfSense interface just fine. From B back to A works perfectly also.

    Today I setup a new test connection using 2.4.5 p1. So testing A to C
    2.4.4 p3 is network A.
    2.4.5 p1 network is C.

    I can browse from C to A just fine. Move files, access pfSense portal on bother side. Connect to printers, etc... On the reverse test going from A back to C, nothing works. I can't ping any objects or connect to web interface of pfSense on side C. All firewall rules and IPSEC rules are the same as always before. Something is off for me that isn't allowing any traffice from the 2.4.4 p3 box to pass back into the 2.4.5 p1 box.

    I can't find an old copy of 2.4.4 p3 to see if this is software related or I missed something. But have double checked everything. I can't get into the network on 2.4.5 p1 from an IPSEC tunnel coming from 2.4.4 p3. I'm not ready to upgrade the other sites just yet.

  • I finally found an old copy of 2.4.4 p3 on my backup drive and set it up on the text box. Everything works fine. I then took the upgrade path to 2.4.5 p1 and can't access 2.4.5 p1 network from 2.4.4 p3 network again. No other changes.

    The first attempt in the top post was a new install. Not an upgrade from 2.4.4 p3 also. Same result either way.

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