Different Subnet LAN filesharing.

  • Hello ppl, how can i share file across my LAN on different subnet?  First LAN IP:, Second LAN IP: I've also enter the WIN server IP on all of the PCs and in PFsense but the PCs on the different subnet doesn't seem to find the other PCs on the other subnet.  What's the secret to it guys? Please advise.  Thanks you.

  • You need to set up DNS. Easiest route to success is to enable DNS forwarder, pick a local domain to use for your LAN and then enable 'register DHCP clients in DNS forwarder' or whatever the option is called. This should do two things:

    a) The DHCP server in pfSense will give out your special domain as the search domain when clients request a lease
    b) All clients from both subnets will have registered DNS names that match their computer name (on Windows anyway)

    Assuming all your clients use DHCP and you're using the pfSense DHCP server on both subnets, this should work fine, provided you have the necessary firewall rules to allow the Windows NetBIOS traffic across the firewall.

    Disable and never use WINS again, Microsoft hasn't recommended its use since NT4, and it doesn't really play well in modern networks.

  • Thanks, i'll tried that and if i run into trouble i'll give you guys a shout.  Thanks again.

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