ntopng on SG-1100: stuck on admin login page

  • Installed ntopng.

    On the settings page, I added a password, checked the "enable" checkbox and click save.

    After that, when I go to "access ntopng" the first time, the page times out and I have to go back to the ntopng settings page: disable + save + enable + save and then the login page loads.

    But… When I try to login with the pass added in the setting and "admin" for user, the page just refreshes without logging me in or displaying any error.

    Anyone else ran into something like this before?


  • After some googling, I'm getting the vibe that I might be running into something similar to this: https://github.com/ntop/ntopng/issues/1409

    The solution on that thread is to:

    1. stop ntopng: sudo killall ntopng
    2. redis-cli del ntopng.user.admin.password
    3. start ntopng
    4. try to login with user "admin" and password "admin"

    Is that something I can do on a SG-1100?

    I'll go through the docs to try and find if there's some kinda CLI to do that, but I don't want to break my shiny new device so I thought I'd check on here to see if peeps think it sounds like a good idea to try that.


  • Talking to myself but… 😅

    I don't know why but I missed this old post about the same issue which helped me to find a solution.

    Turns out, there is definitely a bug in pfsense's ntopng Settings > ntopng Admin Password form which messes up the password saved in ntopng's admin.

    In case someone runs into the same issue:

    1. Reinstalled ntopng making sure you uncheck the "Keep ntopng settings, graphs and traffic data." checkbox towards the top
    2. With the bran new install, go to settings and set the password to admin/admin
    3. Go to "Access ntopng" and log in with admin/admin. It will ask you to set a new password… Do it there, NOT in pfsense settings
    4. Done!

    My guess is… if you ever want to change the password, don't do it in pfsense or use the shell like it's explained in the old thread I linked to above.

  • I run into performance issues with ntop after a couple months. pFsense runs terrible and I have to purge the package to get things running smooth again.

    Is it possible the sg-1100 isn't designed to really run ntopng?

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