CDROM initial config bug

  • I am trying to install a clean 2.0 install from the cd using pfSense-2.0-ALPHA-ALPHA-20090526-0048.iso

    pf boots fine and then you get the initial setup and put in interfaces etc and proceed to get going then just after the "Syncing OpenVPN settings…" message I get

    Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
    cpuid = 0; apic id = 00
    fault virtual address = 0x25c
    fault code = supervisor read, page not present
    instruction pointer = 0x28:0xc04e21bb
    stack pointer = 0x28:0xe68087c0
    Stopped at pf_test+0x1db: mov1 0x25c(xedx),xeax

    There is a little more to the message I can post if it is needed

    I am only activating xl0 and xl1 to get the thing running but it has other interfaces.
    xl0 (wan) will be static but I think the setup tries DHCP first.
    xl1 is static

  • I have had this on 3 diff PC's and using both 7.1 builds and 8.0 builds of Pfsense 2.0.

    Not sure what it is.. but annoying.

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