setting up new ha device and port forward

  • good afternoon,

    ive posted this here as it goes across a coupke of areas, but pease move if if its not the right place

    One thing that makes this install hard is that it's my life server and I have to work through the night to make changes and have to up and running first thing as we are at a crunch time with the movie we are making.

    i've recently purchased a pair of netgate 1537 for ha. Due to routing speed i wanted to to move the gateway currently on a watchguard that the ha setup will replace, to a core cisco nexus switch and put a new subnet on the 1537 buit I need to portforward a few devices, one being an open vpn server, but it is unable to forward across to a different subnet, so this is my first question. I can't portforward again on the nexus as the current version of firmware doesn't allow it.

    Is there a way to acheive this? I've tried a few dirfferent ways but can't get it right.

    Secondly, while I had the 1537 up using CARP, I kept losing internet, I think it was a DNS issue. Has anyone had this issue with CARP on these before?

    Many Thanks

  • Netgate Administrator

    A pair of XG-1537s work fine in an HA setup. CARP is only part of that along with pfSync and config sync. There should be no issues there if they are configured correctly.

    I'm not sure what you mean with the port forwards question. A diagram may help here.

    You can setup port forwards through an HA pair certainly.


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