• Is there a way to show that the HA config between both nodes is in sync? I need a way to prove that they are in sync. I understand I can test this by making change on one side an seeing it on the other node. But I need to see a status view. I did find some stuff in the logs that I may be able to use showing the sync was successful, but was hoping from a view or command that showed it definitely that they are in sync.

    Either in the GUI or CLI. Been searching docs and forums with no luck, so if this was already answered, i apologize for asking again.


  • If sync fails you will get a red alert in the GUI on master:

    Additionally you get a mail if you have configured the notification.

  • True, but I need to "prove" that they are in sync for a 3rd party audit. So I need to show the current status of the sync.