Pfsense home lab vlan connectivity issue

  • I'm pretty new to pfsense
    I've set up VM's in Esxi in my home lab for pfsense, Windows 10 and 7. And there is an issue with inter-connectivity inside vlans.

    home gateway router
    pfsense wan
    pfsense lan1
    pfsense lan2

    Windows 10 - can ping all pfsense interfaces, home router and Windows 7
    Windows 7 - can’t ping any other interfaces
    pfsense can ping , but cannot ping

    Problem being i would like Windows 7 to have pfsense lan2 as gateway and to ping-able.
    Second problem is why can’t pfsense ping Windows 10?
    Also i'm not sure how i might need to set up lan2 to send routes to pfsense wan as it's internet gateway

  • Windows firewall will block ping replies by default. Run a search on how to enable ping reply in Windows firewall.

  • @The_G said in Pfsense home lab vlan connectivity issue:

    Windows 7 - can’t ping any other interfaces

    The default pfSense LAN interface,, has a default firewall that passes ICMP just fine.

    The OPT1 interface - or whatever name you gave it - has no GUI firewall rules. So, by default, nothing** enters. That includes ICMP.
    So, what firewall rule did you put on OPT1 ?

    ** there are some exceptions, as DHCP traffic.