LAN, WAN and OPT1 OK ! Need help with OPT2-OPT3 and Ports !

  • Hi my friends, after 2 weeks lurking tutorials and this forum threads i finally managed to get a Load Balance with 2 WAN's but my system has 1 LAN, 1 WAN and 3 OPT's.

    Interesting fact is that i cannot open any port in utorrent even after follow manu tutorials !

    So my problem is, the Pfsense and all conections are working fine, but load balancer is only using 2 WAN's (WAN + OPT1) and i can't open any ports.

    I've attached several pictures of the essencial part of the Pfsense setup.


  • For those who readed my topic, my problem in this case is :

    Same Gateway in one OR more WAN´s.

    This cause the ARP Table to "see" only LAN, WAN and not any other WAN´s.

    This cause the Load Balancer to use only WAN + Lan (since my OPT´s have all the same gateway)

    the solution to my case is use an cisco 2900xl switch with VLan capabilites, i will create a VLAN to each of the gateways (even they being the same) ! wish me luck

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