• Hi all,

    We just recently purchased a few 7100s. Our ISP provides us 13 static IPs and we are trying to set two netgates up on the same internet connection and have them form a local VPN over the same internet connection. This will allow us to stage our equipment for other buildings and essentially make it plug and play. We built our own pfSense boxes a while back and this config works perfectly through them, however with two of the newer 7100s with the built in switch they each can get internet but cant talk to each other. Does anyone have any ideas?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There shouldn't be any problems specific to the 7100 for that scenario that I can think of.

    If two devices are in the same WAN subnet you could be hitting issues with reply-to for traffic in that subnet. Add your own rule(s) on WAN which pass traffic from the other unit(s) in the subnet and in the advanced options of the rule, check the box to disable reply-to.