• So, I ordered a sg-3100 back in July at the time knowing that they were backordered until Early August.

    Wasn't desperate for it then and I wanted to support the product, which I had only became familiar with recently when taking over work for a company that already had them.

    So now we are into mid-August and I see the status has changed until late August.

    A couple questions.

    I've already been charged for the device, I kind of expected that to happen after shipment. Is that common?

    Also, is it common for back orders to stretch over months? What might be the cause?

    I'd still prefer to use the device, but I cannot wait indefinitely. Has anyone else experienced this? Again, still interested and willing to wait, but if we are not going to see them in August, I might have to go elsewhere.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There are still supply chain disruptions from COVID-19 happening. They are coming as soon as possible and backorders are filled as soon as new units arrive.