• What would be the most Ideal setup for SG 1100 if I wanted to use it as a IDS/IPS for a lab network?

    I dont want to use it as my primary router, would a DMZ setup be best (MODEM side)?

    I have WAN interface connected to Dummy switch uplinked to Modem

    When I leave my LAN interface plugged into my laptop...I can http to PFsense Admin page when I RDP from Rasp PI on OPT1 , but when I unplug from LAN interface I cannot http to PFSense Admin page from RAsp PI on OPT1.

    for this first step I am just wanting to access the admin page ( from the OPT interface. I setup any any on FW just to get started and can get to internet...not sure about admin page (unless I have my laptop plugged into LAN port as previously mentioned).

    Any info on what to do and why I am able to hit admin page while laptop is plugged into LAN port and not when unplugged from LAN port?

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you disconnect the LAN port by default the SG-1100 will show the LAN interface, with the IP on it, as down. You can change that in the LAN interfaces setup. Set the Switch port to monitor for state changes to the default value (no port) and LAN will always be up.
    However you can also just access the webgui on the OPT interface IP. Or indeed the WAN IP, the webgui listens on all available IPs.