Squid block MySpace view picture?

  • Hello , I'm using Pfsense 1.2.3-RC1 ,Squid 2.6.21_10, set to transparent to my LAN .My pc got dhcp from LAN and surfing the web without problem, but when i go to myspace.com and want to view my friends photo I got this DNS timeout . Put this site in the whitelist and I got this 'Unable to determine IP address' .
    I try to remove Squid and all the problem gone. And another one is , when I got the above message , I found that  in my Sytem Log>Firewall , my pc being block from pfsense ip port 53 (source = pf lan  ip ,port 53 , destination , my pc ip , port xxxxx).
    Help me, i have a number of customer , mostly student .
    Thank you and , excuse my English

  • Maybe I rephrase my problem, actually I often got this DNS timeout or 'Unable to resolve IP' to this site.

    Everything is fine if I remove Squid. Searching through the web leads to Squid dns nameserver . Which is so hard for me to understand. Sorry if I ask here if it is not related. Thanks

  • Solved

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