Multiple PPOE in a single Fisical Interface

  • I have a structured network with two providers ONUS, One Switch Hp 1620, one server dell t 340 with ESXI 6.7, PFSENSE 2.4.5, WINDOWS SERVER 2019 (AD, DHCP, FILE).

    In Pfsense I have the WAN (vmx0) inside the VLAN and default and the WAN_BACKUP (vmx0.10) inside the VLAN 10.

    When I do independent dialing, both work independently, but when I do both dials simultaneously, my PFsense server stops working.

    My solution was to create 2 Pfsenses servers. One only dials and the other is responsible for the network in general.

    Can anyone tell me if multiple PPOE dialing is possible with a single Pfsense server from a single physical interface !?