Skype traffic shaping ? (nbee)

  • HI all,

    I am still getting used to pfsense, it is a great product.

    I am using Squid in transparent mode. I have about 100 users behind the box. I am thinking of traffic shaping for skype. We do a lot of skype in our company. I am interested in giving my skype users a crack free call. Keep my boss happy.

    Is there any tutorial on Traffic shaping? If someone can walk me through this, I would greatly appreciate.

    Thanks guys.

  • This is a very relevant question, but not any conclusive postings found in the forum. We also have the exactly same need - please respond…

  • There is a post where a policy to shape skype was discussed.
    Use the search function.

    AFAIK that post was a workaround on 1.2 on 2.0 you can use the layer7 to identify such traffic.

  • | AFAIK that post was a workaround on 1.2 on 2.0 you can use the layer7 to identify such traffic.
    What is Layer7 Sir? I cannot find the layer7 in squid..thanks

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  • He is speaking about Layer 7 of the OSI model also called Application Layer.
    Perhaps you should read this article:
    Very useful to know these things especially when you are working with firefalls and want to know what you are doing!


  • I still cant find the full force for skype in 2.0..anyone?

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  • At home, I have 3 Skype account and each account have it's own fixed port that is forwarded in my router (this is needed for peer-2-peer communication and having a real great quality call, no third party involved in the voice path), so each user must use a specific port and each user mush have a fixed IP address to have it's port forwarded to his computer. This might not be practical though for your situation.

    Then I shape the port rage I used in the VoIP queue and it work perfectly.

    Remember that you absolutely need to open ports in your firewall for Skype to always be in peer-2-peer. If you only use Skype-out, you can forget about the port forward, because you always initiate the call with Skype servers and you'll never have a third party in the voice path. If you only use Skype-out, then configure each Skype in your company to use the same port and you shape that port.


  • Good afternoon :)

    May i ask how much kbp/s to set? I set 36kbps on traffic shaper but still the calls are chuppy. I even set 60kbps upto 400+ :(


  • may be u can increase the qwanack n qlanack , try double it….

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