• hi, i need your help.
    I have my pfsense firewall and within your network I have an elastix PBX with extensions. I have 1 created as sip and another as iax. the configuration of nat and public ip to connect correctly are configured.
    now as I use the ports 5060 sip, 4569 iax, 10000-20000 rtm and I opened them in nat to access my pbx that a local ip
    I want to configure this for remote extensions, by software zoiper works correctly connecting through my local network or pointing to my public ip but all this within my local network.
    Now when I change my connection to another IP it doesn't work, the traffic doesn't go out.
    set advanced options Network Address Translation with nat pure, nat + proxy fails.
    set outbound rules as manual and automatic also fails.
    It is as if my pfsense blocked outbound traffic but I already have outbound rules enabled with the ports and ip of pbx192.168.0.111 but it doesn't work.
    the state throws no traffic, but with connection within the same network it works.
    please help . I am something new in this subject and I do not know how to solve it.![alt text](6a34a2ad-006d-416d-9c94-33c0e59e0349 (1).jpg image url)