Point me in the right direction (DNS pun)

  • Hello All,

    Maybe I've had my configuration wrong since the beginning and never knew it. Looking for a little guidance. Here's my scenario.

    I'm on my home WiFI and I needed to get logged into to a website, Orvis.com. Normally, I use my PC or my laptop to access Lastpass for my credentials but because I was on my mobile, I launched the site from within Lastpass.

    When I clicked launch in LastPass, it attempted to use the LastPass browser and I started to receive lots of SSL Error certificate-related messages.20200820_145041.jpg

    I figured something was wrong with the LastPass browser but I started to wonder if it was something I mis-configured DNS or a MITM/DNS spoof and started to troubleshoot.

    I turned off my Wi-Fi and used my mobile data- no SSL error messages within the LastPass browser.
    I got back on Wi-Fi and turned on my VPN (Tunnelbear)- no SSL error messages within the LastPass browser.

    This happens on other sites too, Yahoo.com, CNN.com, etc.

    The only thing I can think of is a DNS-related issue. This happens on my tablet's LastPass browser too. I have no other indication that I have an SSL problem on any other PC, laptop on my network- all seems to be fine.

    This is a SOHO environment. I have my SG-3100 pointed to Cloudflare's and under my General Settings. Default is setup with port 53. I am going to change to the Tips and Tricks I found here: https://www.netgate.com/blog/dns-over-tls-with-pfsense.html

    I thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide.