Only 3 LAN instead Of 4 Available

  • Dear all,

    Hope I will explain correctly my issue.

    I have bought this product :

    Qotom :
    Q335G4 Intel Broadwell Core i3-5005U Cache 3M, 2.0GHz. Graphiques Intel HD 5500
    All worked well at the begining. Pfsense was great.

    One day... I have lost one lan port from these 4 ....

    I have made reinstall, multiple check.

    And then.. in BIOS... One missing LAN ...

    Have you ever occured this issue ?
    I realise I have a defective LAN port .. so .. if you have any clue ? idea ?
    Qotom accepted to return the defect device... for 80 $ shipping cost... that's really expensive... I could buy a new Mother board Router for this...

    Thanks in advance for readin... and if there's any solution ? I'll take it


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It's a hardware failure. No way around that but fixing or replacing the hardware.

  • Sorry to hear that and as already mentioned there isn't anything you can do about the faulty port other than fixing the hardware, though 3 ports are normally enough for pfSense, you could get a bigger/extra managed switch if you need more ports.

    After how long did the port fail? I'm also planning to get a Qotom box soon but reports like yours are concerning. I wouldn't worry about losing one port but losing it when I'm not around to swap the cable and reconfigure the box. I'll probably have to think about using two ports to connect to my LAN switch for failover, though according to Sod's law those aren't the ones that will fail but the WAN one which I can't use two ports for.

    Has anyone else had any early failures with Qotoms?