• I have 2 pfSense 2.4..4-RELEASE-p3 system that work in a HA capacity, I have the HA working fine and have 3 other DHCP systems working on the systems. I am now trying to get DHCP working for LAN 100 the default LAN. If i do static IP and test the network the connections work properly and can access the network properly including the remote offices. If I use DHCP to assign address I get connected to the remote office but I keep getting disconnects. I have also noticed that the DHCP server for the backup pfsense is giving out address as well is this normal??

    If you need more info please let me know.


  • What DHCP ranges (scopes) are we talking about here? You don't mention that in your post.

    You might need to post a diagram of your network so we can see what's happening.

    It sounds to me like you've got address conflicts, nevermind your statement that you've got multiple DHCP servers running on your network. If that's not managed properly, that's sure to cause trouble.


  • K we have 3 other VLans setup and the pfsense is running the DHCP servers for them.


    The issue is that when I am on VLAN 100 and use a static IP I can connect to the remote office and dont get any disconnects. If i switch to DHCP for IP for VLAN 100 i can connect to the remote office but get disconnects constantly.