• Hi, new user here. I am trying an install on an Intel NUC 10i3 and will be using an M.2 ethernet adapter to get the second NIC port. Any comments on how expected performance or tips to get the second NIC up and running? I thought about using a USB-C adapter but thought the M2 adapter would be faster. Is this thinking correct?

  • Most of the m.2 ethernet adapters I've seen (online) have a Realtek chipset on them. For me, that would be a hard pass. I have never used one, nor installed one, but being Realtek and NOT Intel, no way for me.

    With the NUC box, if you have the appropriate switching hardware, you could VLAN the single on-board ethernet port to do both LAN and WAN. See here:

    Youtube Video

    But, if that m.2 card is cheap enough, and you're willing to arm wrestle with the thing if it doesn't cooperate, go ahead and give it a shot.


  • Thanks for the link. What kind of issues are there with the Realtek chipset that make it difficult?

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    Realtek is bad hardware and software (drivers). And not really well supported in FreeBSD.