• Hi

    I recently purchased a netgate sg1100 to run snort. some of the rules were causing problems which would not go away.
    I uninstalled and tried Suricata but CPU usage was too high the app kept stopping.
    So I uninstalled and went back to snort, adding rules 10 to 15 at a time. To date I have added emerging threat open rules and two thirds of snort subscription rules.

    I noticed at the dashboard CPU was hitting 100% and snort would crash. With snort not running I am hitting typically in the 80% range where previously I would see around 25% CPU usage.
    I have tried reboots, disconnect from the power, makes no difference?

    Any Ideas on troubleshooting the CPU usage or do you think it is a hardware problem?

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi,

    You are aware that you took the smallest possible processor, to throw it at the applications/packages that are the biggest resource eaters ?
    These packages might run, but with a very small, nearly useless ( ? ) rule sets.

    "Big tasks needs big processors".

  • See what Diagnostics/System Activity shows. Note the Dashboard will use CPU cycles as it updates its widgets.

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you are checking from the dashboard in the GUI a significant proportion of it will be the dash itself, especially if you have a lot of widgets there.

    At the command line run top -aSH to see what is running and how it's spread between the cores. Do that without having the webgui open in the background.


  • Hi All

    Thanks for your feedback. I have decided to purchase a SG5100.

    Best regards