• Hello!

    We've experiencing a weird behavior. When we use the ISP router directly on client machine the sync is fast and reliable. But when we use the pfSense to route the traffic those kind of software suffer from slowness and instability.

    This is a fresh install and even with very low network usage we experience those problems.

    The software we are using are Google FileStream and Dropbox.

    Any suggestions are welcome!

  • There's gotta be something getting in the way on your pfsense box - traffic shaping, pfblockerNG, firewall rules, misconfigured settings, DNS problems, etc. Have you installed any packages? Have you made any setting changes, anything else that you can think of?

    Is this actually a "fresh install" like you say?


  • This is a fresh install, there is no package installed. Any ideas how to troubleshoot this problem?

  • What are your DNS settings? System -> General Setup -> DNS Server Settings

    There could also be troubles with your actual DNS servers, that's not uncommon, and causes some internet wonkiness


  • We are using Google's DNS servers, nslookups don't fail.