• I upgraded my router and wondered how easy it would be to convert the old one to a stand alone openvpn server. I don't use openvpn a lot, but I wouldn't have to change the clients, which would be nice.

    It seems like I would delete the WLAN interface, turn off DHCP and DNS.

    What else?

  • @oppland

    If you do that, then you would have to forward the incoming connections to that router. You will also have to set up routing to it for the VPN. I'd say keep the VPN on pfSense. It's easy enough to create the clients.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes I would just move the required elements to the new install and you still wouldn't have to change the clients.
    But, yes, you could just forward traffic through the new unit to the old device as a VPN server. It's very easy to end up with an asymmetric route if you do that though.