Can pfsense use a 4k monitor for the console display?

  • Will pfSense install and work with a 4k monitor as the display via DisplayPort?

    I have a 4k monitor that is hooked to my main computer, and I would like to use a spare input on the monitor for pfSense router. That way I don't have to get another monitor just for the router.

    This is a Dell Optiplex 7020 SFF if that makes a difference.

    I currently have pfSense running virtualized on hyper-v 2019 but want to install it as dedicated router on the hardware so it hasn't been an issue before.

  • Hi,

    If pfSense supports the graphics (card) hardware, then you'll be fine.
    The monitor will find a way to show the output of the graphics card all by itself, even if it has to scale down all the way back to 640x400 ;)