• This morning My Firewall fell apart. I watched all my Packages stop working. I did a fresh install of pfsense and ran my restore Config file. Only 4 Packages installed and everything is hanging. I did a "Clear Package Lock" to do a manual install. But I am still getting locked out of installing them. Running 2.4.5-p1 Thank you in advance...

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    Check for hardware errors like RAM an harddisk first.


  • If the software didn't change.
    If the settings didn't change.
    But your system starts suddenly behaving erratically.
    Then it's time to check (read) the logs, if you want to know what needs to be changed, repaired or configured. True, logs can be hard to understand. That's why forums like this one exists. Just ask.
    No time / Can't ? Will not ? Change the device, and you'll be up and running in less then 15 minutes.

  • @Gertjan Thank you. I did a fresh install and installed Packages and then did a restore. Everything works now.

    Thank you