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    I have a 4G modem setup on my Pfsense as my WAN failover, gateway grouping has been setup.

    My question comes into play with the firewall rules- the guide instructions is to change the default Lan gateway to the Gateway group- got it.

    What about my other interface rules default rules? Do I also have to change them to the gateway group? I am assuming if I don't - they won't get internet>?

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  • LAYER 8 Rebel Alliance

    A Firewall Rule by default follows your configuration in System > Routing > Default gateway IPv4


  • As mentioned above, the only setting you should have to change is under routing.

    On the routing page, make sure you go to Default gateway IPv4 and select the gateway group you defined for failover. For me that was set to Automatic and did not work as I expected when first setting this up. That should be it.