Directing external DNS to internal IP within LAN

  • Hi I am new to pfense. So please bear with me as I might be asking some simple questions.

    I have a DNS service directing to the external IP of my pfense. i.e.>

    I have two IP calm installed in my LAN and I have the following port forwarding in place. -> IP cam 1 ( -> IP cam 2 (

    When I am not at home, my could access and without any problem. However when I am at home using LAN, it can't reach Is there any way to configure pfsense, in such when I am within the LAN, it knows it should redirect traffic of to

    Right now I am using a not so intelligent workaround, by adding another IP cam with address on my phone.

    Thank you for helping.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    For starters I wouldn't allow camera access from the public internet in the first place... If you want to view your camera's while your outside your network - vpn in... And then just hit them via their local name or IP.