Looking for a way to connect 2 networks

  • I am looking for a way that my wifi network can see my LAN network and vice versa.

    I have a Netgate sg-1100 that dishes out 192.168.1.x address

    Connected to the netgate are 2 devices. 1 Nest Wifi router, and 1 Procurve 1800

     -The Nest wifi hands out an ip range of 192.168.87.x
     -The Procurve hands out the Netgate IP of 192.168.1.x

    Is there a way that my device plugged into the procurve can see the devices on the Nest Wifi?

  • @EagleGC

    Why don't they already have the same addresses? Your WiFi should be on the same network as your LAN.

  • @EagleGC You have to have the Procurve switch plugged into the SG-1100 LAN network, which it looks like it already is. Then, the Nest wifi router should be in access point mode, then plugged into a switch port on the Procurve switch. This process will put them all on the same notwork.

    The Procurve shouldn't "hand out" any IP addresses, you should set it up to NOT offer up IP addresses. Unless, you've got a special reason to do that.