SSDP packets across vLANs.

  • I am setting up a setting up an IoT network and I have my own Home Assistant (HA) server on my main LAN, unfortunately there are some devices that cannot be discovered on my IoT network when my HA goes looking.

    E.g. I have a couple of TP-Link power plugs and one is currently on my LAN and the other on my IoT network, when I tell HA to go looking it find's the one on the LAN but not the one on the IoT network.

    Monitoring traffic on the FW I find that my HA is broadcasting to trying to find the devices, but from what I read these packets are SSDP packets and are not route-able. I have Avahi currently configured and working, I have two (2) Chromecasts on a media network and they are working fine, however from what I read, I don't believe Avahi can do SSDP.

    Reading some more I found that the package PIMD may do what I am after, I followed a document on setting this up but it didn't seem to make any difference. PIMD was a little over my head and I wasn't really sure what I was doing with it so it is currently turned off.

    Can anyone offer a suggestion on how I get SSDP packets to work across vLANs?



  • Hi @girkers - alternatively, it may be worth trying out to this approach (I see that SSDP is also supported):

    Hope this helps.

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    @girkers said in SSDP packets across vLANs.:

    HA is broadcasting to

    9999 is not SSDP... That must be something specific to tplink.

    That is broadcast sure, but its not SSDP.

    Can't you just manually enter the IP address of the devices?

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