Limiters using Alias

  • I created a limiter of 10Mbps and 5Mbps that is masked to destination. Then I have an alias named 10Mbps_Plan and 5Mbps_Plan, everytime I have a new client I just add them based on the plan they are subscribe to. Then I have a rule that uses the in/out pipe of 10mbs and 5Mbps plans.

    Question, in the 10Mbps_Plan alias, will all the ip in the alias get 10Mbps each or will they share the 10mbps bandwidth?

  • The limiter created is just a rule. That rule needs to be applied via a Firewall Rule. If, in the firewall rule, you state IPs from 10-20 and use the 10Mbps_Plan Limiter, then those IPs will be limited collectively. If you want each IP to be limited then you would need to create a firewall rule for each IP and apply that limiter to each firewall rule. It's OK to use the same limiter on multiple firewall rules as the limit is imposed on each firewall rule.

    At least, that is how I understand and implement it.

  • @Stewart been running it for almost a month and it works well. As long as the limiter is masked it will create individual bucket in the alias list. Else, it's shared.

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