• Dear all,

    I'm having multiple pfSense machines I manage. On one of these machines I've got a strange problem.
    After I've rebooted the machine there's no internetconnection from my lan or dmz interface, for example on my pfsense machine I can't ping when the source is set to lan or dmz.
    But when trying to ping with my wan address as source there's no problem, 0% package loss.

    On this machine I only work with IPv4 and there's a static IPv4 address on the wan side.
    Outbound NAT is set to 'Automatic outbound NAT rule generation.' mode, so no manually outbound NAT rules.
    I use unbound as DNS server. Changing back to the DNS forwarder (dnsmasq) doesn't solve the problem.
    Also stopping snort, pfblocker and such tools doesn't help.
    I just have to 'wait' (and try to restart services linke DNS,gateway) and after 30-45 minuts it's back on track, and I can activate all my services an firewall rules.
    When it's running everyting is fine, no problems at all,.
    The only thing vissible in the logs is a warning about the gateway:

    Somone any idea what's going wrong? Or something I could test?

    Ofcourse I followed the steps for troubleshooting the connection issues, I've ended up with pinging from LAN to https://docs.netgate.com/pfsense/en/latest/routing/connectivity-troubleshooting.html#diagnostic-tests
    It tells me to check outbount NAT, but like I said those setting look fine to me.

    The technical details about my setup:
    This machine is a virtual machine running on a fysical HP server and ESXI 7.0
    pfSense version: 2.4.5-RELEASE-p1 (amd64) (zfs)