Pfsense lag during download without hitting download limit.

  • 2.4.5-RELEASE-p1, i3-4025U & intel nic's. Connection 1gbit.
    My homemade NAS/server has a download limit of ~65mb/s. If i'm playing a game or streaming video on my desktop it'll start lagging.
    Activity monitor in pfsense says usage is less than 10% on all 4 threads, so i don't understand why this is happening. There should be plenty of power and bandwidth available.

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    "65mb/s" is 65 millibits per second. Which I assume you don't mean since at that rate it would take 35hrs to transfer 1KB! 😉

    So do you mean 65 megabits per second (65Mbps) or 65 megabytes per second (65MBps)?

    You are seeing lag on the video stream or in game which implies increased latency on your WAN yes?

    Where is the traffic to/from your NAS when that is happening?

    What actually bandwidth do you see reported on the WAN when that happens? What do the WAN quality monitoring graphs look like?


  • Game ping will easily go from 30 to above 150, video streams will start to constantly buffer. All this while there should be more than 100mbit overhead.
    I use networx to get down/up readout from wan, traffic graph doesn't deviate much from that. Just checked and the limiter on the nas is 70mb/s, so i'll typically have somewhere between 65 and 75mb/s down. The limiter is set on the nas and not in pfsense.
    pfsense is connected to switch which then connects to nas and desktop.

    Just a quick test.

    Anmærkning 2020-08-29 163457.jpg

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    Ok, so just to be clear that's 70 mega bits per second?

    Was that screenshot taken when you were seeing this? I would imagine the gateway monitoring ping times should reflect the problem. If not then the latency may be somewhere upstream if you are monitoring the gateway IP there rather than, say,


  • So you're thinking the issue would be at the dslam?
    No the screen wasn't taken when i was experiencing the issue, just did a quick download test to the nas. But i'll try and take a screenshot next time it does happen with the lags.

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    If could be. It's more likely if that limiter is Mega Bytes per second and the traffic to/from it is using the WAN...

  • Traffic to/from nas is wan, yes.

  • @stephenw10 Just FYI, so not to think i just abandoned it. I have been trying to catch a moment, but it simply hasn't surfaced while i was looking. But do know that as soon as it does, i will reply.

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