Dashboard Performance Slow On A New XG-7100

  • I am setting up 2 new XG-7100 and have noticed extremely slow login and dashboard performance. At login chrome just spin, bottom of chrome just says waiting for for about a minute. Adding a widget take over 1:30 minutes. I am coming from SG-4860 and a SG-8860 and adding a dashboard wiget is less than 4 seconds and logins are instant. Going to Firewall / Rules from the dashboard is instant, going back to the dashboard (clicking the pfSense logo) takes another 1:30 minutes. This is a new set up, have added some firewall rules and the performance there was super fast. This problem seems just with the dashboard.

    I am just concerned something is wrong these things have the atom CPU C35558 with 24 GB of RAM and its having problems logging in.

    Can someone give me some advice, I am a little concerned to install these with numbers like that. The experience is just pretty painful right now.

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    When opening the Dashboard, pfSense is checking for Updates in the background. If this is not working the Dashboard feels sluggish.
    Is System > Update working?
    Try with Disable the Dashboard auto-update check checked in System > Update > Update Settings


  • Thank you, that worked. I did not have Wan configured at the time I wrote the post. My bad. Once I got that all hooked up everything seems pretty good. It is just weird, I have the SG-4860 right here not connected to a Wan and it doesn't do that, maybe a few seconds slow to load the dashboard than usual. I like the feature of the auto update check but if Wan is down I don't want to wait 1:30 minutes to log in and see what going on. But it is what it is, not a big deal.

    Thank you, I really appreciate the help.

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    On the XG-7100 the interfaces widget also slows down open the dashboard as it polls switch ports. You can remove that if you don't need it.
    Other widgets can also delay opening if they are checking for things and cannot reach them, the support status widget, the packages widget for example.
    Other pages should open normally though.


  • Thank you, I will try that.

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