• I want to use PFSense as a domain server for my domain (at least for internal use, most of the domain is not visible to the outside world.)

    Seems to me I would need an SOA record for that domain. I've looked at the host_entries.conf file which shows how to establish the IP address/Name (A Record) entries. Is that where the SOA entry should go?

    And in general, are there best practices for defining a domain within Unbound/PFSense?

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    To be honest unbound is not meant to be an authoritative ns. If you want to run an actual authoritative ns on pfsense - you should be using the bind package.

    That being said if all you want to create is some other sorts of records other than A, even say an soa.. That can be done via the custom options box in the unbound gui.

    To serve up records for local hosts, you don't actually need to be authoritative - just serve up the records you want. Only real reason you would need a SOA record is if you have something that is going to register records dynamically, etc. via talking to the SOA..

  • Thanks! For "unbound gui" do you mean the PFSense web interface (Services -> Resolver)?

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    yup thats where - scroll down and the custom option box lets you put in any sort of record or other options you want..

    Just need to start off with server: