combining sections of XML backup files ?

  • I need to migrate from an old APU hardware to a new one I just got. New APU has pfSense already installed and is set-up for a VPN service/subscription. My old APU is not set-up for VPN, but has all my other settings and rules that I wold like to transfer to the new APU.

    If I save a backup from my old APU and restore it on the new APU I will loose the VPN set-up, so wondering if I could just copy the VPN section form a backup XML file from the new APU, and paste it into the XML backup from the old APU and then use the resulting file on the new APU to retain all my settings ? this possible ?

  • LAYER 8

    yes, use something like notepad++ and copy/paste what you need in the right section, if you pay attention and you do it right, you shouldn't have any problems

  • Thank YOU !