SG-1000 to SG-1100

  • Trying to migrate from an SG-1000 to an 1100 as the unit has went dead on me. I had a backup config file, however when I do a restore it throws a interface mismatch error. Fine, I tell it that WAN is 4091 and LAN is 4092 and save and apply. Upon reboot though it's asking to setup VLAN's and then assign interfaces however only one interface is presented (the contoller).

    Was hoping this was going to be a more streamlined process being that Netgate stop production on the SG-1000 and forced us to use the more expensive 1100.

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you open a ticket with us we can convert that config for you.


  • @rustydusty1717 said in SG-1000 to SG-1100:

    from an SG-1000 to an 1100

    The SG-1100 has probably other interface device names, and settings related to something I would call a build in 'switch'.
    Take note : I never laid hands on a SG-1100, neither the SG-1000. I'm just reading user's experiences and I do have the manual ;)

    What's worth trying (== what I would do)
    Set up your SG-1100 in a minimal way : that is : assign interfaces and switch related things. Stop there.

    Now, get the config backup from the SG-1000, use a descent editor like Notepad++ and take out the entire <interface> section :


    and import it.

    I'm convinced this will take care of all your settings, except the interface part.
    If, by any change, the SG-1000 has a <switch> ....... </switch> section, take that out also before importing the into the SG-1100.

    To be sure, when done, GUI-reboot the device.

    @stephenw10 : I'm more or less wrong - right ?

    @rustydusty1717 there is no risk trying, as you can goto default any time.

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    You need to include the <vlans> section in the config to be imported otherwise the interface defined will not exist. You need to retain the <switch> config from the SG-1100 so those VLANs are connected to the correct ports.


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