Send syslogs out a different interface other than LAN?

  • Hello,

    I have searched and searched, I cannot find this information.
    Is it possible to send syslog data out a different interface othe than LAN?

    I have an internal IF, em0, it is WAN
    Then I have an OEM i340 card with 4 ports,
    igb0 - LAN
    igb1 - OPT1
    igb2 - OPT2
    igb3 - OPT3

    Can I send the syslog data out to one of the OPT links?

  • @buggz I don't think it works quite like that...

    My understanding is that you set a host to send syslogs to, and if the host is local, no matter what interface it's plugged into, pfsense knows how to find it and send the data file(s).

    So, I think the answer to your question is yes, but no. Because you don't send data out the specific interface, like you said. But, rather to a host that pfsense can find. I believe you can even send syslog files to truly remote servers, out on the internet, but I don't know exactly how that works.


  • Thanks for this!

    I have LAN as
    I will make OPT1 -
    I will configure a quick test box on the ...3.3 network and see if it works.

  • Sigh, it's beyond me to get this to work.

    All I want is for syslog-ng ONLY traffic to go out a network port other than LAN.

  • I'm quite sure that syslog traffic follows the normal routing rules.
    If you're telling pfSense to log to , and ie. OPT1
    has the IP , then the syslog packages will be sent out of OPT1.

    But all traffic to would go out of OPT1 (best route) , not only syslog trafic


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