OpenDNS Prosumer version through pfSense

  • Hi guys

    Is anybody running OpenDNS Prosumer version through pfSense on the network successfully? I have just subscribed to find out that it's meant to be run on laptop devices only (for roaming) and there's no option to add a network in the Umbrella dashboard unlike other consumer versions.

    I tried setting up the DNS servers in pfSense anyway and it seems to be working on my network expect that I can't add the network details in OpenDNS dashboards for logs etc. I am after the 'Built-in protection for malicious phishing & malware domains' feature that other OpenDNS consumer version doesn't seem to have.


  • Netgate Administrator

    Not sure exactly what you want to see reported. Like queries from individual clients on your LAN?

    OpenDNS cannot show that if you are forwarding from pfSense, it sees all queries as coming from the pfSense WAN.


  • @stephenw10 Sorry I meant pfSense WAN queries not being displayed in OpenDNS Prosumer. I think this version only works with a roaming client installed on the machine and not properly on the network..

    OpenDNS Prosumer.png

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