What PPPoE client does pfsense use?

  • Right now I am using clark connect which uses:

    PPPoE Version 3.8, Copyright (C) 2001-2006 Roaring Penguin Software Inc.

    I am thinking of trying pfsense due to the fact that downloading is maxing out the CPU on the 1.7 GHz celeron box I am using. I enabled the 'sync' option which greatly increased speeds. I am only about 10-12 megabits off where I ideally could be but pppoe still seems get up to ~95% CPU when downloading and I think this might still be limiting my speeds a little.

    If pfsense uses the same pppoe client than I doubt there would be any noticeable difference but if it uses something else I was thinking of testing it to see if I could get the max speed my line is capable of.

    Can anyone tell me what ppp client pfsense uses and if possible what % cpu usage you see when downloading at X speed on X CPU?

    Right now I get 95% CPU usage while downloading at 80 megabits on a celeron 1.7 GHz.


  • It does not use that client and does most of pppoe traffic on kernel.

  • oh really? Ok, I will have to give it a try then.


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