• Good day, community!
    May be someone can give me some advices where to search a problem.

    I have a OpenVPN connection to my PfSense: Mikrotik -> Pfsense.
    OpenVPN is up & running.
    Mikrotik side has ip, Pfsense –

    I have routes:

    Destination Gateway Flags Netif Expire
    default UGS vtnet0 UGS ovpns1 link#6 UHS lo0 link#6 UH ovpns1 link#1 U vtnet0 link#1 UHS lo0 link#2 UH lo0 UGS ovpns1

    I can ping (Mikrotik) from Pfsense.
    A can ping (Pfsense) from Mikrotik.

    But, if I ping (Mikrotik side additional IP) from Pfsense I can’t see any tcpdump on Mikrotik side. It’s like Pfsense don’t send any packets to Mikrotik.