Priority two Machines on Traffic Shapping

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    I have one pfsense here, i have two machines on my network than have a priority on download, i create one Queue "QNoteWan" and "QNoteLan" with parent QLanRoot and QWanRoot, and these queues have 50% of the bandwith, i create too one alias with this two address. And one Rule on Pfsense Lan > Wan and Wan > Lan, on Rules, this are the first, on Queues are the second, because when i change to "QNoteWan" and "QNoteLan" the first, the internet stop :(. How i priorize this machines?? And, this machines is not all the time on the Network, it's possible i prioritize the internet only when this machine is UP?

    Other question, how i use ALTQ on PFsense?? For this case, i search on Google, but, not "easy" appear, only something more "hard" to implement :(

    Thanks for the help!

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  • What version are you using? 1.2x?

    Davao City

  • Hello,
    1.2.3 RC1