How to nat a IP range?

  • Hi
    In pfsense 2.4.4 i have the following configuration

    WAN ->
    LAN ->
    I am able to browse internet from my local LAn (192.168.20.xx/24) with my global ip (

    Now i have a router in packet mode which has ip (having a interface as

    I have added route (through in the pfsense so i can ping (from the pfsense box) and can also reach (from

    But i cant reach the internet (as i feel no proper NAT is there)

    How to add a NAT so that the network goes to internet with or by any other ways so that the local ip ( can reach the internet.
    Sanjib Gupta

  • @sanjibgupta said in How to nat a IP range?:

    In pfsense 2.4.4


    The developers, they don’t work hard for that, because you get stuck one on an ancient version.
    Please upgrade your system and ask your question again.

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