IP issue after initial setup

  • So I am extremely newb to pfsense but I have my box set up to my managed switch and I set vlan up for my 'kids' After finally getting it to work. I attached my laptop and noticed it hated the ip of now I put the interface with ip range of now when I changed ip on laptop to that address it also works. I have temporarily taken it down for now as I was getting very frustrated with it. I can send both config back up files if need. My switch is a tp-link t1600g-28ts. So insight would be very grateful.

  • @no1scary


    Can you submit a more specific system schema?

  • @DaddyGo First thank you reply BUT from a few videos of setup that I have now watched I believe the issue was switch related.
    with ports not tagged/untagged the right way is what I think the issue is. I am going to redo this and then leave a message here to see if it's resolved.

  • @no1scary said in IP issue after initial setup:

    I believe the issue was switch related.

    I just want to note that TP-Link is not usually a VLAN guru.
    I don’t like to see it in our systems....
    The Cisco SG300 / 350 series is affordable and usable in SOHO

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