How to (if need to) sanitize debug files

  • pfSense took a dump --gawd that sounds all kinds of awful-- and I'd like to do my part and pass it forward but I need to clean it up first. Is there like a Special K or something devvy to put it that handles it?

    It dumped rendered 6 files some might be compressed archives and the usual super long log on the web GUI that doesn't seem to have any state secrets only interface stuff and…that's how far I made it before coming here to ask, instead. :)

    If there's isn't such a tool, quick points to check?

    It most likely wasn't pfSense because I was messing with a virtualized unRAID system when it all crashed, even the Mac I was in had a kernel panic, it's the first time I've ever watched synced kernel panics. macOS, unRAID and pfSense all down at once yet ESXi (host to unRAID and pfSense) was OK. It was so cool, frightening and confusing. <3

  • I finished! There was nothing but the scary warning.

    The tiny files were like headers/metadata for the huge ones. It wasn't that hard, what I'm curious is how the **** are they treated like a folder?! That's kinda cool.
    Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 07.37.47.png

    Soo much to learn, I can't even… Anyway, I couldn't attach them so here they are https://blahblah…-ends-with: I'm sure somebody will make them go where they need to go and I now have one freshly guilt freed conscience.

    Happy weekend everyone! :)

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