unwanted routing behavior

  • hi dear
    i have pfsense act as CP with 4 leg, 2 leg connected to WLAN client , 1 to WAN ( ) and one to my LAN (
    server farm network ( is accessible via my LAN.
    here is pfsense GW and routing table
    pf 0.JPG
    pf 0.5.JPG
    i add 1 static route to allow pfsense to route the traffic to my server farm LAN. then i test connectivity of two server and
    here is the result
    pf 1.JPG
    pf 2.JPG
    then i trace the server :
    pf 3.JPG
    pf 4.JPG
    as u see the pfsense behavior for server is not as acceptable as i want, whats the problem ?

  • hi
    i check route table and see there is one static route for with UGHS flag traffic to wrong gateway
    manually ( from shell ) delete this route and every things goes right.
    used command ```

    route delete

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