Performanes troubles with pfsense install

  • I have an P4 1.4ghz with 128meg rambus with 3 3com 3c905-tx pci 100/10 and one Intel pro gt 1000Mbit pci and i have an isp 100/10Mbit broadband ive started with just two 3com cards one for wan and one for lan got i to work but when i speedtested it insted of getting 10mb/s on downloads ive just got 2mb/s the upload stayed the same 1mb/s so im wondering shouldent my cpu be powerfull enough to handle my 100/10Mbit. the future plan is to have 6st nics in the router and run load balacing in it becuse my isp gives med 10Mbit per ip and i have 5 ip from the isp. im running pfsense 1.2.2 release

  • Is your ISP 10 Mbit or Mbyte?  Is your download 2 Mbit or Mbyte?

  • The CPU should be fine.  It could be that your use of old 3com cards is holding your system back.

    Also, for speedtests, try using torrents instead.  You're far more likely to get a meaningful result than from a single download from a single server.

  • I prefer NZB's as the upload servers are always faster than my cable connection, therefore allowing me to max out locally.

    If you do not have a NZB subscription, then you also try download drivers from ATI or another large company.

    The point I was trying to make earlier is that if you are downloading at 2MB (Megabyte)/second then that converts to 16 Mb (Megabit)/second speed.  Companies usually advertise at Megabit because it sounds larger, while IE and other downloading utilities will measure at KB or MB.

  • if used dc from an users that i always get full speed from and the poor speeds is only when i use pfsense. i also tried torrents the same results but just in cause thats it my network cards or the P4 computer i was away to get a replacement and athlon xp 3200+ 1.5gig ram that i will try tonight

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