Issue with the ability to ping

  • Hello, I have a SG-3100 installed at a customer location and they need to be able to ping and have it respond on Somewhere it is getting blocked. I have tried port forwarding based on the ports that have been supplied but I haven't had any luck so I am reaching out here.

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    Maybe it's me but I don't get what you are trying to do...


  • so they use a program that needs to access but when I ping it from a machine not behind a firewall, it returns however if they are behind the pfsense, it doesn't find the host.

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    ;             IN      A
    ;; ANSWER SECTION:      3599    IN      A

    On the public internet returns, if you ask pfsense for that, which pfsense is either resolving or forwarding to something it would be a rebind - and you would get no response.

    You can either create a host override in pfsense to return that for devices behind pfsense using pfsense as dns.

    Or you set it as a private domain, so pfsense will allow such a response.

    Pick which one you want to do

  • @johnpoz exactly what I needed... thank you so much!

  • ok, so I guess this wasn't exactly what I needed.. I need to add * but it won't allow me to add the * in front of the domain. Is there a way around this?

    Thanks so much for the help!

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    you want a wildcard.. You can do that with redirect.

    But I take it you didn't set private domain, because private domain would return anything on the public internet be it rfc1918 or not.. And they already have wildcard set, so if you query it comes back

    Just set it as private - my first example vs host override.

    But if you want to set it all local you can do it with a redirect

    local-zone: "" redirect
    local-data: " 3600 IN A"

  • so I am kind of a noob and only have done GUI stuff :-) can you point me in the right direction?

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    In the resolver gui.. Go to the options box and put in the private-domain I showed above.


    Or if you want it to all stay local and not actually send forwards or queries upstream.. Set it to redirect

    local-zone: "" redirect
    local-data: " 3600 IN A"

    The private-domain is the cleaner option in this case, since that resolves on the public that way

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