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  • Hi, I am dealing with a vendor that needs ports 33330-33339 opened. They don't point to a specific machine just want the ports opened so they are not blocked.

    Is there a way to do this?

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    You mean inbound or outbound.. By default rule all ports are allowed out, its an any any rule on the lan out of the box.

    If you needed to allow it inbound, unless your inside network is on public range and your not natting you would need a destination IP to send the traffic too via a port forward.

  • so they are using a cloud based application that needs to communicate with a piece of software installed on the machine. Right now it is not communicating with it. We have added the local domain (with your help yesterday) but they are still unable to connect to their application.. they are claiming that the ports are blocked however, i have a port forward rule to the specific machine for those ports but they are still coming up as blocked.

  • @dpettigr You most likely need a port forward and a MATCHING WAN firewall rule for this to have a chance of working. I say "chance" because if your ISP happens to block this range of ports, it still isn't going to work, even after your NAT and WAN firewall rules.

    So, did you allow the NAT rule creation to also auto-create the WAN firewall rule (see screenshot)?



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    @dpettigr said in Open ports:

    so they are using a cloud based application that needs to communicate with a piece of software installed on the machine.

    That loopback dns stuff pointing to Nothing from anywhere is going to connect to that, that is loopback, goes no where other than the machine itself..

    Are you seeing them blocked in the pfsense firewall?

    Where are they blocked in the log? If something is trying to get to your public IP, you would see the traffic doing a packet capture. If you don't see it, then its never getting to pfsense.

    If pfsense sees it, and the forward is not working.. You either have it setup wrong, post up your port forwarding rules. The nat and the firewall rule that would of been created. Maybe there is something above the rule on your wan that blocking it. Like a specific pfblocker rule or something? Or something on the client, which is very common - firewall on the client, or client not pointing to pfsense as its gateway. Is it tcp or udp?

    You can sniff on pfsense lan side interface while trying to connect, do you see pfsense send on the traffic to the IP you port forwarded the traffic.

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