NIC On Host Assigned Multiple IP Addresses

  • I have a computer set up to receive a static ip address by the DHCP server on our LAN. I have been having an issue with logging the host in pfblocker. While trying to trouble shoot the issue I ran an ipconfig on the host and it is showing that it is receiving multiple IP addresses on its ethernet adapter. I hope I can get some help figuring out what is going on. Here are some pictures:

    ipconf on host

    IPv4 Network Adaptor settings on host

    LAN DHCP Settings (all settings below what is shown are blank)

    Static DHCP Settings for Host (all settings below what is shown are blank). The host is directed to 192:168.163.10 for DNS which is a Windows 2012 Active Directory server for domain resolution and forwards back to pfsense (

    I'm using 2.4.4-RELEASE-p3 (amd64) Community Edition. This setup has been working for years. I can't find any reference to the or IP addresses in any of the tables in Diagnostics and I don't recognize those IP addresses from anything in the server or pfsense.

    There are a bunch of States open with the IP address of (see the picture below of a partial sample of what they look like).
    I do have a D-linked managed switch which came with the default IP address of But that has long been configured with a static IP address of I logged into the switch and confirmed that it is showing that it's assigned IP address is I also confirmed that in DHCP Leases and can confirm that DHCP Leases does not show any of the 3 IP addresses in question assigned to any other host on the system.

    Neither the server nor the switch have any DHCP service enabled. Thanks in advance for your help, and please let me know if I can provide any further information I may have missed.

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