• Hello,
    my pfsense has 2 wan connections : wanA and wanB. default gateway is via wanA.
    behind my pfsense, I have two subnets : sub1 and sub2.

    incoming trafic destinated to sub1 arrives via wanA
    incoming trafic destinated to sub2 arrives via wanB

    trafic originated from sub2 is sent via wanB (using gateway selection is filter rules). this works fine.

    my problem is that for the trafic destinated to sub2, which arrives via wanB : replies are sent via wanA

    I've found in docs that on my pfsense, wanB interface must have an upstream gateway set, to enable "reply-to" pf feature and correctly route replies. OK.

    but wanB gateway is a gateway group of two BGP routers which are active-active, and it does not seem possible to setup a gateway-group as an upstream gateway for an interface.

    so if I set the IP of my bgp router 1 as upstream gateway for wanB, routing redundancy is lost if bgp router 1 fails.

    what would be the best solution ?

  • I've set up a VIP between my two BGP routers, and set upstream gateway to this VIP